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hi! I'm nicole

During the week you can find me in my flow writing branded blog content for wedding industry professionals while listening to Spotify with a cup of coffee in hand!

I am in my zone when I tune out the world and turn that blinking cursor into words.

I’ve been a bonafide creative industry professional since 2014!

my mission is to help you

confidently unplug while i grow your business through your blog

: lattes for lunch : done for you blogging :

here's how it started!

as a new mom

.. in 2013 I desperately yearned for a creative outlet.

I wanted to find a way to make an impact while making an income. That’s when I found blogging! From there I launched my featured-based wedding blog So This Is Love, and I had absolutely zero clue what I was doing –  none whatsoever! Not so spoiler alert,  I eventually figured it all out and the pieces fell into place.

Over the years, like so many other small business owners, my business experienced all the usual twists & turns (not going to use the word ‘pivot’ here because then I’ll just picture Ross moving his couch!) I finally landed on providing done for you blogging services for wedding industry professionals.

Hundreds of hours, countless cups of coffee and thousands of blog posts later, here we are!

it's all totally true

more about me

The one with… three fun facts about me so you can get to know me better!

certified dog lover

I’m a huge dog lover! Say ‘Hi’ to our rescue, Dyson. He’s always snuggled up on the couch in my office while I work. You know, living the good life! He goes everywhere with us, he’s a huge goofball, and he loves everyone. Seriously, he hopped into a neighbors car once and tried to take off… I wish I was kidding!

puzzles are my thing

I love kicking back with a puzzle! Something about putting together a puzzle puts my brain into hyper-fixation relaxation mode! I’ve been on a major Disney puzzle binge over the last 6 months and the next puzzle on deck features the artwork of a Nirvana cover album (gifted to me by a gorgeous client!). Over the last handful of years I’ve passed my love of puzzles on to my daughter, now I just have to get my spouse on board!

MTV, Magazines, & MIx Tapes

I’m more of a ‘Xennial’ than anything! I grew up listening to Nirvana & Biggie. I phoned in to local radio stations to get them to  play my favorite songs while I sat by my boombox waiting to hit record on my mixed tape. I remember the sound of the internet connecting and getting kicked off AOL when my parents needed the landline! I raided my local CVS for any fashion & music magazines I could get my hands on because I viewed them as my own personal windows to the world.

my core beliefs

Hard work without the hustle

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. I’ve always been a disciple of hard work, but I also believe that hard work needs to come from a place of rest. I fully believe in unplugging, resting, and being totally unapologetic for it!


Making the decision to hire someone to work on your business can be scary. You’ve spent your precious time and hard earned money building your brand and now you’re ready to experience growth & peace of mind by bringing on a done for you service provider. Transparency & honesty are the two biggest corner stones of my brand. I believe in open, purposeful, communication, and that together we can achieve more when we have a shared objective!


I am a creative first and a numbers driven business owner second. As a creative, it can be hard to find the right balance between the two. But I’ve managed to find a successful way to use my artistic brain & my analytical brain in tandem. I’m sure my corporate background in accounting had a heavy hand in that!

Forward is forward

Entrepreneurs each build businesses at their own pace. I’ve come to loathe commonplace catch phrases like ‘6 figures in 6 months’ and ‘5k in 5 days’. The truth is, that is not the reality for most entrepreneurs. We all move at different paces and experience growth on our own wavelengths. I believe in working on our own timelines, and celebrating the journey at each step & every milestone.

What's it like to work with me?

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I’ve never been a person who was short for words. While growing up I chose to write them all down in a spiral bound notebook as opposed to expressing them out loud. My physical voice eventually followed but my penchant for the written word never strayed from my heart, it just transitioned to a computer screen. 

Working with me means allowing me to step inside your brand so that I can translate your client experience into the digital space. 

Writing your blog posts carries one huge goal. Using organic, on-page SEO to be found on Google and book more of those dreamy clients.

That is 100% my aim when writing for your business. And, here’s where the transparency kicks in; it takes a whole mixed bag full of know-how to make it happen!

I always start by looking at where you’ve been, in order to map out a strategy for where you need to go.

The ultimate destination is different from business to business and looking at your businesses specific needs will help paint the picture. 

But it all starts, with the very first step, which is chatting with me about your business and allowing me to ask #allthequestions while I take countless notes.

So, if you’re ready, I’d love to talk to you!

All you have to do is fill out the form below.

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