Calling all entrepreneurs who are ready to up level their Instagram Marketing!

Are you frustrated by the constant struggle of trying to ‘stay on top of’ Instagram marketing?


Does the idea of creating content that results in meaningful connections, building a dedicated audience and making sales on Instagram feel like nothing more than a lofty possibility?


Feel like you are stuck in a constant cycle of trying to create and consume content on Instagram? 


Or that you have to show your face on Instagram Stories, in IGTV or on Reels in order to keep your Instagram Marketing ‘afloat’.


Maybe you’ve suddenly found yourself spending countless fruitless hours on Instagram in a never ending scroll hole while not being a single step closer to growing your business.


When does the madness stop?!

Lattes for Lunch | Instagram Coaching

That's why I've put together this personalized 1:1 instagram coaching & strategy package!

Who is it for?

This package is perfect for solopreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, and brand new business owners.

It’s also for the seasoned business owner who is working through their business to rebrand, shift their focus, pivot, or launch!

Your business needs an in-depth Instagram marketing strategy in order to create the visibility needed to successfully grow a following, make sales, and book clients on Instagram.

But what does coaching have to do with any of that?

Here’s the deal! 

In order to successfully implement your marketing strategy full force, you have to first face down and remove all of the roadblocks holding you back from up leveling your business on Instagram.

Enter: Instagram Coaching

Do you have the burning desire to impact your clients lives while also taking your business to the next level? The truth is, you have to uncover the things you haven’t before so that you can take your business where it’s never been!

My unique approach is to work with you to uncover deep-seated barriers so we can bulldoze them and catch the on ramp to success because I am all about those results.

We will revisit strategies you’ve implemented, clients you’ve served, content you’ve created, things you like & dislike about Instagram and the things that absolutely set your heart on fire!

Then it’s time to discuss your business’s big picture goals, you know “the goals” I’m talking about. 

The larger than life, scary as hell ‘Can I really make this happen’ goals, the ones you’ve created a vision board for and the goals that keep you going when you are fighting imposter syndrome hard.

But, before we hit fast forward and arrive at the destination of those amazing results and goals, we have to!

We have to unearth what is holding you back from building the business of your dreams on Instagram including those pesky areas of concern, the big gray areas, and the small but mighty details.

From there we build a customized plug and play strategy that is ready for you to implement with confidence and excitement!

Here's what's inside

Once our t’s are crossed and our i’s are dotted, the first step of my process is a one-hour initial coaching call.

We will go over everything on that one hour call! And I mean ev-er-y-thing!

So pour your favorite drink, get comfortable, bring all of your questions and don’t forget the notepad and pen!!

Our initial coaching call will form the foundation for what we will build together for your business, so get ready to answer the hard hitting questions.

During our call, I will provide you with specific action items and homework for you to complete on while I move into the research and strategy phase.

Throughout the research and strategy phase you will have unlimited access and communication with me via email and voice notes.

I’ll be hard at work digging into the things we discussed as well as looking at: your audience, your competition, your other social channels, and your website. I need the grand scale view of your business in order to connect the dots to your Instagram Marketing.

On the 10th business day you can expect the hard copy of your customized Instagram marketing strategy to be delivered to you in doc format.

You’ll have a full week to review your strategy and from there we will schedule our final coaching call.

During our final one hour coaching call, we will go over your strategy in depth. This will include implementation tactics and any Q&A. We will also revisit the initial areas of concern from our first coaching call, as well as anything that we came up against during our time together.


You will be left with the confidence and the excitement to implement a carefully researched, customized Instagram marketing strategy that fits the needs & goals of your business.

Erin Alexander
Erin Alexander@alexanderdesignco
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Nicole is an Instagram wizard! She's taught me so much about using Instagram to promote my business. From how to plan my feed and what hashtags to use to how to engage with my audience. She created a personalized engagement strategy so I knew EXACTLY where to spend my time on Instagram instead of spending my whole day scrolling and scrolling. Working with Nicole made me feel excited about using Instagram intentionally instead of just another thing on my to-do list that I dreaded.
Krystle Stevenson
Krystle Stevenson@farmcliffstudio
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I'm so grateful that I was able to work with Nicole on my Instagram strategy. She was very thorough - she taught me things I didn't even know I didn't know! Helping with actual customized content ideas was the most helpful part of the package. She's professional, and super approachable. I've been following Nicole a long time and she is my favorite Instagram guru!
Sharma Shari Rodriguez
Sharma Shari Rodriguez@sharmashari
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Working with Nicole was a great experience! I was familiar with Instagram strategy so instead of wasting time we jumped into creating a plan that would take that into consideration. Her tips and tricks were on point, like understanding that I don’t have to create complicated feed with tons of posts! It is more about consistency and knowing your target audience! She is amazing! Hire her! <3


The only Instagram automation I use and recommend are content scheduling apps such as Planoly and Plann.

No! This is not a “strategy” (notice the quotes?!)

First things first! We hop on a 30-minute call so that to get an overview of your Instagram marketing needs. If we decide to move forward, you will then be sent an invoice & a contract. From there we will book our first 1 hour coaching call and map out our time together.

I may require direct access to your scheduling app or Instagram account throughout our time together. This information is confidential and I always recommend that my client change their password once our work is complete!

The only tool I recommend investing in is a great planning app! However, if needed I can make researched recommendations on stock photography, brand photography, or graphic design!

Absolutely! Once you are ready to get started we will go over all of those points (and so much more) in our initial coaching call

I believe that any brand can successfully market their business on Instagram in order to make sales while making an impact

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